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The aim of Arte-Polis Biennale is to bring together academics, artist-craftsmen, community leaders, local government officials, policy-makers and professionals from different regions of the world concerned with the quality of life and livelihood of creative communities in both urban and rural settings. Participants come from a diverse range of disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture and planning, business and management, cultural and development studies, design and visual arts, digital-media and information-communication technology, economics and geography, as well as the arts and humanities. Its objective is to share international experiences and knowledge regarding current issues, best practices and policy implications on the relationship between creative culture, community-building and place-making.

The inaugural Arte-Polis was held between 21-23 July 2006 on the ITB campus in Bandung, Indonesia. The event hailed the theme "Creative Culture and the Making of Place" through an international seminar on Urban Culture, a design workshop on Dago Creative Corridor, an exhibition on Heteropia and 36 Frames, as well as a bazaar featuring a Taste of Bandung. Keynote speakers of the 2006 Arte-Polis international seminar was Professor Alexander R. CUTHBERT of the University of New South Wales, Australia, and Professor Dorodjatun KUNTJORO-JAKTI, former Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Goverment of Indonesia.

Building on the success of the first Arte-Polis in 2006, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) is pleased to present Arte-Polis 2, an international conference and design charrette with the theme "Creative Communities and the Making of Place: Sharing Creative Experiences" taking place between 8-10 August 2008 in Bandung, Indonesia. This event is organized by ITB's School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, in collaboration with the School of Business and Management, Research Center on Art and Design, as well as Research Center on Information and Communication Technology at ITB, together with the Center for Urban Design Studies in Bandung.

Arte-Polis 2 Advisory Committee

  • Himasari HANAN, Dr.-Ing. - Institute of Technology Bandung - Advisory Committee Chairperson
  • Prof. Lily KONG, Ph.D. - National University of Singapore
  • Prof. Surna T. DJAJADININGRAT, Ph.D. - Institute of Technology Bandung
  • Prof. Setiawan SABANA, Dr. - Institute of Technology Bandung
  • Em.Prof. Mohammad DANISWORO, Ph.D. - Center for Urban Design Studies and Institute of Technology Bandung
  • Agus GUSTIAR, M.Sc. - West Java Provincial Government, Division Head of Industry and Trade
  • Armein Z.R. LANGI, Ph.D. - Institute of Technology Bandung
  • Indra B. SYAMWIL, Ph.D. - Institute of Technology Bandung

Arte-Polis 2 Organizing Committee

  • Woerjantari SOEDARSONO, Dr. - Organizing Committee Chairperson
  • Dhian DAMAJANI, Dr. - Vice-Chairperson
  • Arif Sarwo WIBOWO, Dr.Eng. - General Secretary
  • WIDIYANI, MT. - Treasurer
  • Ahmad Rida SOEMARDI, M. Arch, MCP.. - Conference Convenor
  • Leo ALDIANTO, MBA. - Conference Vice-Convenor
  • Achmad D. TARDIYANA, MUDD. - Design Charette Convenor
  • Noviantari SUDARMADJI, ST. - Design Charette Officer
  • Grace ELISABETH, MBA.- Public Relations & Sponsorship Officer
  • Alvanov ZPALANZANI, MM. - Publications & Design Officer
  • Agatha MARIESTA, ST. - Design & Merchandise Officer
  • Widyastri A. RAHMY, ST.. - Exhibition & Space Planning Officer
  • M. Yana APRIANA, ST. - Logistics Officer