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The Design Charrette on Sunday, 10 August 2008 offered international and local participants the opportunity to collaborate and engage in an action-oriented place-making session that proposed visionary design strategies for community development of a creative cluster in Bandung, with the goal of Reclaiming Lost Space under the Pasupati Flyover-Bridge.

The one-day design charrette looked at problems and potentials regarding the underutilized space below the newly built Pasupati flyover-bridge in the city of Bandung. Pasupati is a flyover-bridge directly connecting the western gate of the city to the city center. It serves the expanding flow of traffic from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which lies only 2 hours away from Bandung through the Cipularang toll-road. Regardless of the controversy during the course of its initiation and construction, Pasupati turns out to be an instant new icon for the city of Bandung. It is one of the structures in the city that is most frequently taken as a photography object.

The construction of this flyover-bridge, however, has created a giant leftover space underneath it, particularly in one of the sections that used to be a very densely populated urban kampung in Bandung. In this section the bridge has to span the Tamansari valley as long as 400 meters so it creates an 80 meters wide and approximately 400 meters long space below the flyover-bridge, which in turn displaces approximately 5000 people who used to live in the valley. Ironically, the once very dense and vibrant urban kampung has hence transformed into a desolate space.

Since the flyover-bridge's official opening, there has not yet been a clear plan of action as to how this leftover or lost space should be developed. As a matter of fact, it is now steadily transforming into a no-man's land, which becomes subject to various mischievous uses. On the other hand, this area offers a great opportunity to provide public spaces for the surrounding high-density neighborhood, as well as other urban amenities such as parks and recreational facilities.

It is therefore very crucial that the local government take action to manage the left-over space as a public place for the benefit of all the city's inhabitants, particularly people of the urban kampung surrounding the flyover-bridge. This design process must be inclusive, whereby decisions should include all stakeholder's aspirations.

Goals and Objectives

This design charrette aims to assist the City of Bandung in producing innovative initial ideas for designing a public space under the Pasupati flyover-bridge. This visionary design could act as a springboard for further design processes.

The objective of the design charrette is to design appropriate solutions in accommodating various uses and in adapting to the physical constraints of the site.