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ABADI  Problem of Enhancing Place-Making Vacant Housing
ABD KADIR, ABD RASHID & YUSOFF  Homestay as a Factor in Sustaining
ABDUL RAHMAN & SHAMSUDDIN  User Perceptions towards Street Characteristics
AKHSAYANTY  The Effect of Spatial Distance on Idea Generation
ALBRECHTS  Strategic Projects Socio-Spatial Innovation
AMIRROL  Walking the City
ASIAH & SOEDARSONO  Consensus Design for Tourism Facilities Designing
BAGOES-OKA & PRADONO  Risk Threats in a Creative Funding Scheme
BAWOLE  Creative Urban Forms as a Collaboration of Spontaneous Architecture
BEAGEN &   Kolong Tol Participation Collaboration
BOJTI  The Meeting of Eastern Hand and Western Mentality
BORRELLI & KALAYIL  Making a Plan for Urban Tourism
CONSTANTINO  TutoK Mural Artistic Collaboration
DAMANIK  Youth in Finding Open Space
DARYONO  Redefining Space for Learning
DESTIARMAND  Fractalization of Traditional Batik Ornament Style
FAISAL & KINASIH  Experimenting Bamboo as an Architectural and Socio-Cultural Feature
FIRSTANTY  Using Network Analysis-GIS in Landscape Planning
GONZÁLEZ ZEPEDÁ & BELTRÁN GARCÍA  Building a Common Language
HANAN  Creative Symbiosis of Small- and Large-scale Entrepreneur
HARDINI & PARAMITA  Collaboration in Designing New Landscape
HARON, HAMID & TALIB  Towards Health-Care Usability Design
HARTONO  Signages Expressions on Cihampelas Road
HASAN, PONTOH & PUTRA  Design Principles of Arboretum in Babakan Siliwangi
HIDAYAT  Translation of Cultural Codes
HOGAN  The Affective Ground
IKUREKONG  Settlement Formation Patterns Nigeria
ILHAMDANIAH  The Role of University in Nurturing Student's Creative-Based
INDRARAJASA  Making a Place-Collaboration between
INDRIANINGRUM  Community Participation Creative Public Place
JENSEN  Creative Collaboration for the Australian Visual Entertainment
KARNAYA & TRISNAWAN  Public Art Collaboration in Practice
KATOPPO & SOFIAN  Are We There Yet
KIM  Arts and Business Incubator Model
KOESUMA  Grassroots Movements through Creative Collaboration
KUSUMADEWI & JUNARA  From Zero to Hero Creative Open Spaces
KUSUMAH  Preserving the Past Saving the Future
KUSUMAWIJAYA  Vibrant Khayelitsha
KUSWARDONO  From 35 mm to Digital
LANGI  On Developing of Digital Communities
LARASATI, IHSAN & WILLY  Veneerboo Products and Machine Development
LATIFA & SUDARMADJI  Impact of On-Line Mobile Devices to Personal Space
LESTARI  Tagging-A Study to Prevent Negative Space
LUBIS  Collaborative Urban Screen Applications
LUKITO  Visuality and Tactility
MAND & MAND  Studies in Collaboration
MARYATI, WIDADI, MINITA & KIPUW  Community Collaboration in Rural Water Infrastructure
MEDINNA & VERGHESE_Place Branding Catwalking the City
MUSSI  Analysing Sustainable Tourism Development
MUTIA  Lost in Laneways
MUTIARI_Implications of Politics for the Architecture of Chinese Settlements
NILOTAMA & SABANA_Reading the Balinese Traditional Architecture Cosmology
NOOR  Creative Interpretations of Folklores
NUGROHO  Internet and Entrepreneurship
NUR'AINI  Themes of Environmental Design at Riverbank Areas
NURDIANI  The Use of Public Space by Womankind
NURDINI & HARUN_The Challenge of Collaboration Rental Housing
PADAWANGI  Conceptualizing the New Alun-Alun
PANUNTUN  Film Intervention in Transforming City Spaces
PRATIWI, SOEDARMADJI & YANINDAPUTRI  Place-making for Tourism in Rural Settleme
PURNOMO  The Potentials of Information and Communication Technology
PURWANINGSIH  Pasar Lama-Old Market-Chinese Heritage Settlement
PUTRA  Meniscus The Eye Diagnostic Integrated Facility
PUTRI  Giving Way to Water
PUTRIE  Creativity Perspective Islamic Architecture
RAHMY & PRIMA_Slum Character Based Management Program
RAMDLANI  Malang Kembali Festival Influence
ROYCHANSYAH  Kampung as a Creative Density
SANTOSO  Is Freelance-Designer Really an Entrepreneur
SARI & YOVITA  Why Always Seeing Something from the Bad Side
SAVITRI  Urban Lighting and Creating Public Spaces
SETYONINGRUM  Reducing Crime by Creating a Community Collaborative Space
SAYUTI  Cross-Cultural Planning and Policy Development
STEINMETZ  University Community Partnerships Campus
SUARTIKA  Balinese Postmodernity
SUBANDI & HANDAYANI  Creative Partnership for Urban Sustainability
SUHARDJA  A New Planning of a Flat Ground Church
SURAYYA  Design Competition and the Quality of Our Built Environment
SUTRIADI & AKBAR  Electronic Transaction Creative Metropolitan
SUTRIADI & BARORAH  Implication Electronic Banking User Preferences
SUTRIADI & SILVER  Think Locally and Act Globally
SUTRISNO  Who Did Carry Out the Making of Place
SUWARDIKUN & ZPALANZANI  Visual Analysis Bandung 200 Anniversary
SVORONOS  Creative Programming Partnerships
SWASTO  Adaptability and Creation of Creative Spaces
SYAIFUL & RAHMY  Slum Open Source Database Network
SYAMWIL  Enhancing Knowledge-Based Industry Campus
TANUWIDJAJA, WIDJAYA & TALLAR  Creative Collaboration Urban Polder
TANYADJI  Lets Meet Halfway
TRISNAWAN  Art and Design Festival-s Networking Collaboration
VERONICA  How Did Us Become Them
WAHID, KARSONO & ALAMSYAH  Unplanned Nightlife within Public Space
WERDHANINGSIH  The Fourth Triple Helix Model
WIDIAWATI  Natural Fibers and Natural Dyes in Indonesian Textile
WIJAYANTO  Community Participation in Heritage Conservation
WUISANG & SELA  Ecotourism and Foreshore Redevelopment
YASIN  A Study of Affective Response in the Shopping Mall Interior
YUSOFF, ABD RASHID & ABD KADIR  The Role of Resort in Promoting Traditional M
ZULKAIDI  Reinstatement Model of Public Investment

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